Week of 6/9 - Geometry

Week of 6/2 - Bang on Time

Time Websites

Week of 5/20 - National Geographic Kids

A - Z Animals

Week of 5/12 - Roger Williams Zoo

Week of 2/24 - Maple Sugaring Video

Maple Sugaring Activities

Week of 2/10 - Sochi Olympics

Week of 2/3 - Math Baseball

Click on Addition. Your child can choose which level to practice each time they hit:
Click on "Single" to practice adding single-digit numbers.
Click on "Double" to practice adding double-digit numbers (some will have regrouping).
Click on "Home Run" to practice adding three-digit numbers (many will have regrouping).
**There is an ad that flashes at the top of the page. Please remind your child NOT to
click on it. If you just ignore the ad, the site will work fine.

Week of 12/13 - Ben's Guide to Government

Click "Games and Activities" "Interactive Games" "Place the State"

Week of 11/25 - Thanksgiving Video

The First Thanksgiving

Scholastic - The First Thanksgiving

Week of 11/18 - Presidential Biographies

Week of 11/11 - Place Value Games:


Place Value Fruit Shoot

Scooter Quest

Week of 11/1 - Even and Odd Fruit Shoot

Week of 10/21 - Native American Video

Canoe Video

Native American Games

Native American Activities

Week of 10/7 - Continents Copycat

Week of 9/30 - Minus Mission

Week of 9/23 - Spelling City

Week of 9/16 - Skills Tutor

Week of 9/8 - Alien Addition