Second Grade Homework Guidelines 2017-2018

Our goal is to ensure homework is meaningful, family friendly, age appropriate and inspires a love of learning in all students. Reading will be the focus for all students across Placentino. A weekly reading log will be sent home for your child to complete. Students should spend 20 minutes a night reading or being read to by a parent. We hope that the love of a story will spark conversations and promote storytelling. Students can be read to, read independently or share their reading with another family member (or pet, stuffed animal). We will include some optional questions and discussion points to help deepen comprehension and make their reading more meaningful. If you would like to obtain literature that is at your child’s current independent reading level, please reach out to the classroom teacher.

While reading is the primary focus, we understand many families have expressed an interest in extension opportunities to practice all skills and strategies students learn at school. We will provide many optional extensions for math and reading that you and your child are welcome to explore.

Some optional activities can be found on the Second Grade Wiki. These activities include; but are not limited to:

Throughout the year, reading may take on a variety of focuses that support classroom and school wide projects. Reading at home will allow your child to practice and give you an opportunity to be involved in your child's reading growth on a regular basis, while promoting a love of reading.
In our initial review of the research on the impact of homework on student learning, the most impactful activity at the early education level is reading or being read to. Homework should be authentic, meaningful and engaging.

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